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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 10:22

CountDown Discount for Virtuemart

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CountDown Discount for Virtuemart CountDown Discount for Virtuemart by Glimlag.GR


CountDown Discount for Virtuemart is a simple plugin for generating discounts on specific products for limited time.

Virtuemart offers this option. Administrator can give discounts for specific dates. CountDown Discount adds the countdown to this.
If you want to make clear to your customers that the discount are available till the date that you setup then this plugin is for you. When a user sees the countdown there are many more possibilities to buy the product.

For example : Let's assume that as a manager you want to give 10% discount on product "hammer". I am user user1 and want to buy a hammer. The first time i visit the product page i automatically get a 10% discount valid for example for the next 2 hours with a countdown that shows me how much time remains until i catch the offer! You do not need anything else. I'll buy it directly lest i lose the bid.
Also you are able to add your own text above the countdown, something like "BUY IT NOW. Don't miss it!".

Easy installation , easy management.

The package consists of 1 plugin and is FREE.
It works for registered users but also for guests!

You can add as many products as you want - You fill this in the plugin parameters.


Options - Features:

  • Easy installation with default joomla installer.
  • No core code hacks.
  • Unlimited products
  • Setup in seconds
  • Customizable text for "BUY NOW".
  • Disounts are applied directly on products and the discount is visible on cart
  • When the countdown stops the page refreshes automatically and the discount disappears

If you want more options please check Discount OnClick for Virtuemart
Discount OnClick for Virtuemart is a more sophisticated marketing tool.

Take a look inside:
module parameters sfrontend s

The plugin is free.