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Monday, 20 April 2015 08:22

VMCoupons Log

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v.4.3 - 29/11/2014
* NEW FEATURE: Import / Export coupons to CSV
* NEW FEATURE: Affiliate coupons with unique user URL
* NEW FEATURE: Percentage coupons assigned to specific products or categories are applied only to them and not in cart.

* NEW FEATURE: Discount and Free shipping in 1 coupon.

* BUG FIX: Error message when enabling free shipping coupons plugin

v.4.2 - 11/02/2014
* NEW FEATURE: Free Shipping coupons
* NEW FEATURE: Uses per user for coupons that are assigned to all users
* NEW FEATURE: 3 different alerts in different dates with CouponsAlarm. - Great thanks to Fabio for supporting on this
* NEW FEATURE: Tooltips for almost all features
* NEW FEATURE: You can see where the generated coupon is assigned to while editing
* NEW FEATURE: Frontend: the user can see his coupons
* NEW FEATURE: Frontend: the user can see his invited friends
* NEW FEATURE: Frontend: updated module for inviting friends
* NEW FEATURE: Social coupon with LinkedIn
* NEW FEATURE: Language support for component frontend and modules
* BUG FIX: For sending emails on manually generated coupons
* BUG FIX: For sending sms on manually generated coupons

v.4.1 - 03/09/2013
* Bug fix for coupons on specific categories
* Bug fix for coupons on specific products

v4.0 - 10/06/2013

* Create coupons manually. The coupons can be assigned to specific users, user groups, products, categories, countries and states
* Added From and To date
* Added minimum order amount option for the coupon to be acceptable
* Added SMS by Clickatell. Send the coupons vis SMS
* Added coupon length feature
* Added option to edit generated coupons
* Added personalized Gsocial module for VM Coupons. Now VM Coupons can autogenerate coupons in 12 different ways.
* Fixed bug (VM 2.0.X) not accepting default Virtuemart's coupons
* Fixed bug (both versions) not allowing html formatting on email parameters.
* Fixed bug for friend invitation coupon type not generating coupons
* Fixed bug for plugin Coupon On Joomla Registration for backend user creation
* Removed VmCouponsReport module. Now the users can access their coupons in the frontend (index.php?option=com_vmcoupons)
* Some look and feel modifications


v3.1 - 29/05/2012
* Fully MVC compatible for both joomla versions
* Fixed bug with the logout problem in 1.5 joomla when using some coupons
* Easiest way to apply coupons to specific products and categories
* Some look and feel modifications


v3.0 - 04/04/2012
* Support for Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2
* Just 1 hack in a Virtuemart file
* All coupons are generated when the order is confirmed
* New option Coupons History
* Fixed bug (exhaust memory) when the eshop thousands of products
* Fixed bug when selecting certain products or categories to apply the coupon
* Option to generate coupons for all customers (not user-based)

v2.1 - 21/04/2011
NOW all coupons are targeted. Every coupon that is generated can be used on a certain product(s) or product category(ies)
Added a basic report system (how many coupon were generated and how many of them were used) All coupons are connected with the order id Replaced some code so that the updates will be easier v2.0 - Added 4 new coupon types and change some code for faster working.

v1.5 - NEW coupon type. Invite friends and gain coupons when these friends subscribe on ccNewsletter
v1.4.1 - VM coupons Report module has been improved so that it also shows the coupon code.
v1.4 - New plugin added on Glimlag VM Coupons package, Coupons Alarm. You set the number of days and it
reminds with an email all of the users that have coupons that will expire in X days
v1.3 - Fixed the issue of Virtuemart coupons. Now the administrator can use both Glimlag VM coupons and default coupons of Virtuemart
v1.2 - New module that supports the coupon component. It gives a report on every user of the coupons that he gained, percentage or amount and if it is valid or not. Free with the component.
v1.1 - Editor added on the parameters section

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