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Friday, 20 November 2015 08:40

NVision HTML5 Video and Audio player

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NVision HTML5 player for Joomla NVision HTML5 player for Joomla

NVision HTML5 Video and Audio Player is a html5 video and audio player easy to setup. It is based on the popular library Video.js. Supports .webm and .mp4 video formats and mp3 audio formats. You can have your local stored videos with subtitles, captions, watermark, custom right click, skins and more. You can also have different skins for your audio player.

NVision HTML5 Video and Audio Player is compatible with all mobile platforms so that you can play your video or audio files on smartphones using Android and iOS. You also have the posibility to use multiple players on the same page.  

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To be more specific...

VIDEO Features:

  • Set width and height of the video.
  • Skin selection
  • Autoplay
  • Preload
  • Loop
  • Default starting volume
  • Player fallback order
  • Startup image poster (an image that is displayed before the video starts playing)
  • Captions
  • Subtitles
  • Watermark 
    • Custom image
    • Position
    • Clickable or not
    • Link
    • Opacity
  • Custom right click
    • Just disable right click on video
    • Disable right click and enable your HTML menu
    • Custom HTML5 menu according to your needs

AUDIO Features: (not much for now...)

  • Audio URL
  • Skin selection
    • You can even create your own skin (all of them are css)

Some things that we plan:

  • Preroll ads
  • Some more skins
  • Add video networks support like youtube, vimeo etc
  • Playlist
  • and many many more....

Joomla NVision HTML5 playerhtml5 player settingshtml5 player video settings

html5 video player sourcejoomla audio player sourcehtml5 joomla player watermark

joomla disable right click

You are free to use this module on any site(s)

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HTML5 menu sample

 <menu type="context" id="html5menu">
  <menuitem label="Refresh" onclick="window.location.reload();">
  <menu label="Share on...">
    <menuitem label="Twitter"
    <menuitem label="Facebook"
  <menuitem label="Email This Page"
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