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Saturday, 28 October 2017 09:45

Sweet Alerts PRO for Joomla

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Sweet Alerts PRO for Joomla 3.X is a beautiful and "sweet" extension that gives you the ability to create awesome popups. Sweet Alerts PRO is an easy way to impress your visitors with custom messages poups. You can test our FREE version too! Just keep in mind that it doesn't have all the options.

Sweet Alerts PRO is based on sweetalert 2 library and supports 10 ready made types of popups.

The extension contains component and 2 plugins. It is really simple to use. After installing a new button is created in your editor (it works for tinymce and JCE editor). With the "Sweet Alerts" button you can add a popup message in any page that you want. You can add it in an article, a module, a product or anywhere else that you use an editor.

With Sweet Alerts PRO you will have 10 different types of popups:

- A basic message

- A title with a text under

- An autoclose dialog

- A custom animation dialog (based on animate.css)

- A message with custom background, width and padding

- A message with user's public IP using AJAX

- A message with custom AJAX request. You will display the value that you want

- A message with custom text on button click (the button is created with sweet alerts)

- A message with custom image on button click (like a gallery)

- A message with custom AJAX request on button click


 Features that you will see on Sweet Alerts FREE edition:

- HTML support on some of the fields (like title and subtitle of the message)

- Extremely easy way to setup the popup that you imagine

- The popups are for frontend use only

- 5 types of popups (success, error, warning, info, question)

- Smooth and impressive animations

- Bootstrap buttons (7 types)

- The buttons are created within Sweet Alert

- AJAX calls are made really easy



Sweet Alerts button Sweet Alerts popup configuration Sweet Alerts popup configuration Sweet Alerts popup custom width,backgroundSweet Alerts popup on frontend Sweet Alerts popup AJAX

You are free to use it in any site(s)

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