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Compatible with all Virtuemart 2 versions (including the latest V. 2.6)

reward badgeGlimlag Reward System is the first reward component made for joomla and virtuemart. Something that was missing from the joomla community. With Reward System you can reward your customers when inviting friends in your site and they make orders, when a user orders a specific product or product(s) from specific categories and when your users socialize with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIN.


GlimLag VM Reward System Features:

VM Reward generates a unique code for every customer that registers on site. The value of this coupon code is zero when it is generated. This value increases automatically when:
  • an invited friend makes an order
  • he orders a specific product
  • he orders product(s) from specific categories
  • he likes on Facebook
  • he tweets or follows on Twitter
  • he shares on Google+
  • he shares on LinkedIN

This unique coupon code can be used as a discount coupon code on the site.

Inviting Friends:
With the new version there are a lot of options on how the reward will be generated. The most important is that you can build a pyramid with all the users that invite their friends. For example user1 invites user2. User2 invites user3. If you enable the pyramid style reward system then if user3 makes an order, user2 will get a reward and also user1 will get a reward.
pyramidYou can set the sequence with which the users will get rewards (Fibonacci or custom sequence) and the depth of the pyramid tree.

In the above example if you use the Fibonacci sequence then User2 will get 1/2 of the value that you setup in the reward and User1 will get 1/3 of the same value.
The Fibonacci sequence is: 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,.... every number of the sequence is the sum of the 2 previous numbers.
If you want to read more try this wikipedia link.
Use the golden ratio (golden ratio - formerly known as Φ - reflects the nature harmony) to reward your clients. If you can see it everywhere in nature think of what it can do in your site!

Besides the sequence you can select the number of times that a user can be rewarded from the same reward rule, set the order minimum and maximum on which the reward will be available, send confirmation emails and more.
The package includes the module with which your users can invite friends. A simple module that they just fill the email and hit send. They can even send email to multiple reciepients just by adding a ; delimiter between the emails.

Ordering a specific product:
Extremely simple. Create a new reward rule for "when a user orders a specific product". Set the amount, the times that any user can be rewarded from this rule, the order minimum and maximum totals, select the product that you wish and the quantity. For example you want to give reward when a user orders 2 Chain Saws and not only 1. Set the quantity to 1 and the reward will be generated only if the user orders 2 Chain Saws.
You don't want to give rewards of the same rule forever. No problem that's why we have added the option of how many times can a user be rewarded by any rule.

Ordering product from specific category:
Exactly the same as ordering a specific product. Set the amount, the times that any user can be rewarded from this rule, the order minimum and maximum totals, select the category that you wish and the quantity. When a user orders products from this category and the quantity is the same as you setup in the backend, the reward is generated.

Now VMReward includes the Gsocial module adjusted for giving rewards when a user likes your fanpage, tweets a specific message or follows your channel, shares a specific url on Google+ and shares a specific url on LinkedIn.

The package consists of:
  • Component.
  • 3 Plugins: a)for generating the unique code on registration, b) for making Virtuemart accepting the reward coupon codes and c) for giving rewards when the user confirms the order.
  • 3 Modules: a)that shows on every user his code and the amount that he has, b)for inviting friends (multiple reciepients at once capable) c) Gsocial module for social rewards
  • Installation instructions

Other options:
  • Templates with wysiwyg editor for emails (send the code when is generated and inform the customer when he gains new reward).
  • Unlimited reward rules
  • If the user uses the code as a discount coupon if the order total is less than the amount that the code has then the order sum is abstracted from the code sum. Virtuemart on default deactivates the coupon code if used. We have integrate this cause some users might gain big amounts.
  • Compatible with ALL Virtuemart 2.X versions. If you are interested for Virtuemart 1.1.X please contact us.

Take a look inside:
Control panel S Param config S Param config crop S
Setup details S Type manager S

The component has license per Domain ! Please fill your domain at the comments field an the checkout and we will send you the license via email.








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