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Glimlag Reward System is the first reward component made for joomla and virtuemart. Something that was missing from the joomla community. With Reward System you can reward your customers when inviting friends in your site.


GlimLag VM Reward System Features:

First of all the admin sets up the way that the rewards will be generated. When installing a reward is inserted. You just need to edit it and setup what will be the amount or order percentage that the user will gain when the friend that he will invite will make an order.
VM Reward generates a unique code for every customer that registers on site. The value of this coupon code is zero when it is generated. When an invited friend makes an order then this value increases.

Depending on the setup that you will make the user will have 2 abilities:
  • Use the unique code as a discount coupon on Virtuemart.
  • Request for cash.

The package consists of:
  • Component with language support.
  • Plugin for generating the unique code on registration.
  • Module that shows on every user his code, the amount that he has and a button to request cash back. (On the module parameters you can setup if this button will be visible or not).
  • Module for inviting friends (1-3 at a time)

Other options:
  • Templates with wysiwyg editor for emails (send the code when is generated and inform the customer when he gains new reward).
  • Reset the amount of a code (if the user requests a cash back for example).
  • Report of the generated codes detailing: Name of each coupon, Awarded Username, Amount.

If the user uses the code as a discount coupon if the order total is less than the amount that the code has then the order sum is abstracted from the code sum. Virtuemart on default deactivates the coupon code if used. We have integrate this cause some users might gain big amounts.
• Compatible with VirtueMart 1.1.4 - 1.1.9 versions and now for Vm 2.0.x versions, included instructions for all Virtuemart versions..
• You must make small hacks in 3 files of VirtueMart so that the component works.

Take a look inside:
Control panel S Param config S Param config crop S
Setup details S Type manager S

The component has license per Domain ! Please fill your domain at the comments field an the checkout and we will send you the license via email.








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