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Tuesday, 01 December 2015 10:06

Custom Right Click for Joomla 3.X

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Custom Right Click for Joomla Custom Right Click for Joomla

Custom Right Click for Joomla 3.X is a plugin that gives the ability to disable site printing, selecting text or images and copy, completely disable right click or the best one: create your own right click. Set a powered by text, add menu items for sharing on any social network you want or anything else that you can imagine. Build your own HTML5 menu by adding the features you need. And all these are applied to the user groups that you want. For example you can disable right click only for public, or add custom menu only for registered users.


To be more specific...


  • Select user groups on which the rules will be applied
  • Disable printing or not
  • Disable text highlighting and copy or not
  • Disable right click (here you have 4 options)
    • No (means that you want the dedault browser menu)
    • Yes (means that you disable default menu and you can display a popup on right click - see below)
    • Yes but only for images (means that you disable only for images - nothing is displayed)
    • Yes and enable custom menu (means that you disable default menu and your custom HTML5 menu applies)
  • Show popup (this occurs when you select "Yes" in the previous select)
    • Popup title
    • Popup message (Here you can add HTML code)
  • HTML5 Custom menu (see a sample HTML5 menu below)

HTML5 menu sample

 <menu type="context" id="custom_rightclick_menu">
  <menuitem label="Refresh" onclick="window.location.reload();">
  <menu label="Share on...">
    <menuitem label="Twitter"
    <menuitem label="Facebook"
  <menuitem label="Email This Page"
  <menuitem label="Powered by">

 Right click JoomlaThis will be the right click menu you will get with the sample HTML5 menu



Joomla Right Click ParametersJoomla custom popup on Right ClickHTML5 Custom menu for Joomla on Right Click

You are free to use this plugin on any site(s)

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